Child Care

About Our Program

Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care is a mission outreach of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and is supervised by a School Board which reports directly to the Holy Cross Mission and Ministry Board.  The Administrator oversees daily operations.

Holy Cross School is licensed to operate legally by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and the rules and regulations governing its operation are available upon request.  Our License is posted on the school bulletin board in the main hallway.  The Center is licensed to serve 12-20 children per class depending on the age of the children.  The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services' toll-free number is 1-866-635-3748 and may be used to report a suspected licensing violation by the school.

Step Up to Quality


Holy Cross Preschool and Kindergarten has earned a Five Star rating in Ohio’s voluntary Step Up to Quality program. This is the highest award a school can receive and means that our school (preschool & Kindergarten) exceeds basic Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services licensing requirements in the following six areas:

  • Lower staff: child ratios. Teachers have more time to support your child's individual development and learning. This is important because 90% of brain development occurs by the time your child is 6 years old.
  • The administrator and teachers have higher education qualifications. The administrator and most teachers have a bachelor's degree and many years experience working with young children. These qualifications benefit your child's development and learning.
  • The administrator and all staff complete more than 20 hours of specialized training every two years. The administrator and teaching staff are committed to expanding their education and skills to better support your child's development and learning.
  • Teachers develop lesson plans that support each child's growth. Teachers plan intentional and purposeful activities and experiences that meet the needs, interests and abilities of children and supports them where they are in their development.
  • The program completes assessments to evaluate and improve the learning experience. Regular assessments are done with your child to help keep track of their growth over time. This lets teachers adjust how they offer experiences to your child daily.
  • The program values its families and community.  Programs work with families and neighborhood organizations to provide more opportunities for children.


We believe that every child is specially created by God to be a blessing to his/her family, the community in which they live, and the entire world.  Because of the love their creator has for them, each child is valuable beyond measure.  While created in God’s image, all children are unique and special individuals with unique and special needs.

We strive to provide quality Christian Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten education for the children of surrounding communities, neighboring Christian churches, and Holy Cross Lutheran Church congregation.  We see Christian education as the means by which children become aware of their place in God's creation, the blessings they receive as a child of God, and the Christian responsibility that goes with being a member of God's kingdom. As is stated in Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it.” Our goal is to meet or exceed the standard of early childhood education required by the state of Ohio.


All members of our staff were chosen because they show genuine interest and love for children and concern for all areas of their development.  All of our staff members meet the state requirements for employment in a facility caring for children. Our teachers meet all the state requirements for teaching in an early childhood setting.  Our teachers have four-year education degrees, associate degrees or child-development associate degrees.  Staff members are required to accumulate inservice hours annually.    In this way they can stay tuned to new ideas in early childhood education and exchange ideas with other area professionals. All staff members are required to be active members of Christian congregations.  As such, they are called on and expected to practice the highest moral standards in their personal lives as is humanly possible.


Children have a variety of needs and are only able to learn when their basic needs are met.  At Holy Cross we strive to meet every individual child's basic needs in a warm loving environment.  Each child is recognized for the individual he/she is.  Each child is afforded the dignity he/she deserves.

We offer a variety of educational experiences geared specifically for the developmental level of 2, 3, 4, 5-year-old, and Kindergarten children.  We provide experiences in language arts, number recognition and counting, mathematics, science, social studies, religion, music and rhythm, fine and large motor development, crafts, art and manipulatives. Our instruction is aligned with the State of Ohio, Early Learning Content Standards.    All teachers   have attended training classes to familiarize them with those standards and reviewing practices for implementing them in the classroom.

Every preschool class schedule includes the following elements every day:

Circle Time: Includes a variety of activities including, but not exclusive to the following: stories, songs, finger plays, calendar & weather, and a time to talk about the educational objectives of the day.

Center/Project Time: Teacher planned activities based on child interests are carried out during this time.  Our teachers plan their activities carefully with the children's interests, educational objectives and Early Learning Content Standards in mind.  While the children’s interests are taken into consideration when planning units, we believe there are some things children this age need to learn in order to do well in school. Ours is not a program devoted to random play where learning may or may not take place.   We set up play activities with intentional, planned learning outcomes, many of which are open-ended with children discovering concepts that exceed the scope of what was planned.

Active Play Time: Every schedule includes 15 minutes of active play time, either in the indoor play space or outside on the playground.  See our outside play policy listed under “Indoor and Outdoor Active Play.”  Also read the section titled “Attire” for other pertinent information.

Snack Time: See the section entitled “Snacks and Birthday Treats” later in this handbook.

Show and Tell: See the section entitled “Show and Tell” included in this handbook.

Bible Time and Chapel: See “Bible Time/Chapel” on the following pages.

Time for Socialization: This is crucial to the healthy development of children.  This takes place during all of the activities listed above.  Our classrooms are seldom quiet.

Class Sizes

Holy Cross School meets or improves upon state-mandated requirements for staff/child ratios at all times.  We maintain a ratio of 2 to 12 for two year old children and 2 to 16 or 20 for older children during the preschool hours from 9:00 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 3:00.   During  the  rest  of  the  day  we  follow  the  state-mandated requirements of  1:6, 1:10, or 1:14 staff: child ratio depending on the age of the child.

Enrollment Age

Children must be at least two years old by September 1 to enroll in a preschool class or for childcare. Children in the 2-year-old class may be in diapers. Children should be toilet trained to be enrolled in the older classes.

Enrollment Procedure for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Child Care

A child is considered to be enrolled at Holy Cross only after Registration Forms have been received, the registration fee has been paid, and the administrator confirms the availability of space. Any changes to the enrollment information must be communicated to the office immediately so that current information is always on file. This is for the safety of the children and our ease in reaching you.

There is an annual registration fee of $30.00.  The registration fee for siblings is $15.00 each.   Checks are to be made payable to “Holy Cross Preschool” or “Holy Cross Kindergarten”.  Registration fees are not refundable.  All forms may be downloaded from our web site.

Custody papers, if any, need to be on file in our office.

In addition to our registration form, the following forms are required:

  1.  Child Medical Statement:  A medical statement signed by a physician or certified nurse practitioner is required to be submitted within 30 days of the child’s first day. Children are not permitted to attend once the 30 days have passed if we do not have this form in our possession.  The Child Medical Statement must be updated every 13 months from the “Date of Examination” the doctor writes in at the bottom of the signed form. Parents will be reminded when their Child Medical Statement is about to expire. A new form must be in our office by the expiration date or the child will not be allowed to attend.
  2. Child Enrollment and Health Information Form: This must be filled out entirely and must be in our office the first day your child attends. If any allergies or medical problems are identified on the form, a separate Medical/Physical Care Plan may be required. We reserve the right not to admit children to our center if permission to transport has been denied.  This form is good for one calendar year only.
  3. Media Release, Email Listing, and Second Roster Form: The Media Release permits us to take and display photographs of your child. 
  4. The Second Parent Roster is made available at the request of our families. In it we include the child’s name, address, and phone number along with the parent’s names. Parents find the Second Roster to be a valuable tool when scheduling play dates and birthday parties.  
  5. The Parent Participation Form is for parents who want to get involved in our program.

Daily Schedule

Our school opens at 6:30 in the morning for childcare.  Children may be dropped off any time after 6:30 AM. Children who are here for childcare are automatically enrolled in morning preschool (9:00-11:30) or Kindergarten (8:30-11:30) every day they are here.   Lunch is served at 11:35.  Preschool children rest between 12:30 and 2:00. All preschool childcare children who are here between 12:30 and 2:00 PM. will be required to lie down and rest even if they do not sleep.  No exceptions will be made. We request that you send a pillow and blanket for your child. Other nap time securities your child might need are also permitted.  This would include items such as stuffed animals. Please label everything. Nap items may be brought in on Monday and left all week or taken home daily as needed. Washable items must be taken home each week to launder and returned to school the following week. The school will provide each child with his/her own personal cot for use while here. Cots are not shared between children and are cleaned on a regular basis.

Childcare continues from 2:00 to 6:00.  During this time children will have a snack, be free to explore their own interests through free play in the classroom, active play on the playground or in the gym, and enjoy the activities planned by the afternoon staff.  Our facility closes promptly at 6:00.

Kindergarten Child Care

We provide before and after care as needed for children enrolled in the kindergarten instructional program at Holy Cross Kindergarten.

Childcare Schedule for Holy Cross kindergarten children: Kindergarten childcare children enrolled in our state chartered kindergarten program may be dropped off any time after 6:30 for before school care. Following kindergarten the children are escorted from their classroom to the restroom where they wash their hands and then to the lunchroom for a hot lunch. Lunch is eaten between 11:30 and 12:00. A balanced nutritional lunch is provided for the children by Meals on Wheels. After lunch the kindergarten children join all of the other children for a brief story time.  When the younger children leave to go to the quiet rooms, the kindergarten children are provided with a full afternoon of alternating active and quiet activities. The activities engaged in vary based upon the needs and interests of the children from day to day. Since children are picked up at different times, parents may find their children in the classroom, on the playground, or in the indoor play area.  Our facility closes promptly at 6:00.

Childcare Schedule for Plain Local Children

The children may be dropped off any time after 6:30. 

Plain Local busses provide transportation from our center for children enrolled in their programs. No transportation is provided by our center. Children do not return to our center for after care.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure

Children must be escorted to the classroom by a parent or guardian. Children in the two-year-old class should be taken directly to their classroom.  All other children are to be taken to the room designated for childcare if they arrive between 6:30 and 8:30 AM.  After 8:30 all children should be taken directly to the classroom they have been assigned to for preschool or Kindergarten.

Parents need to assist their children in removing coats, hats, etc. and hanging them up outside the child's classroom before bringing the children into the room.  Encourage the children to do as much as they can by themselves.

No child will be released to anyone that has not been designated by the custodial parent/s as a pick-up person on the registration form. Children cannot be released to persons less than 18 years of age without a written note from the parents. Names may be added or deleted from this list at any time.

People picking up children will be asked to show identification if they are unknown to the staff member dismissing the child.

If one of the parents is not permitted to pick up his/her child, a copy of the court ordered documentation must be on file in our office. Without it we cannot deny a parent access to their child.

Food Program

A balanced nutritional hot lunch which meets one-third of a child’s recommended daily dietary allowance will be provided daily for children here at lunchtime.  The cost of lunch is included in the childcare tuition. Meals on Wheels uses our kitchen and prepares food for the children.

Toilet Training and Diapering

Toilet training is based on children’s readiness and consultation with parents or guardians regarding practices in the children’s homes. Pull-ups are not permitted because it makes changing the children time and labor intensive. Also, they are very absorbent and therefore too comfortable for the children, and actually delay toilet training.

Parents of two-year-old children requiring diapers must provide the diapers and wipes their children will need while at school.  These are kept in the diapering area in the classroom and will be used only for the child for which they are intended. For emergency use, Holy Cross keeps a supply of diapers on hand should your supply run out.  Parents are charged $1.00 per diaper for this service.

School Year and Calendar

Each year we publish a school year calendar that is printed and distributed to parents prior to the beginning of the school year.

We will l not be open for preschool when Plain Local Schools are closed due to severe weather conditions. 

Kindergarten classes will be in session in the afternoon on those days from 12:00-3:00 to eliminate the need for make-up days. Always check the website. The banner will inform you if there is an alternate plan.  

Realizing that parents must go to work, Holy Cross will be open for childcare on those days. If the weather is severe enough to necessitate the complete closing of our center, that information will be on our website.

Childcare will be provided year round.  Holy Cross is closed and does not offer preschool, kindergarten, or childcare on the following holidays:

            Labor Day

            Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday

            Christmas Eve

            Christmas Day and the day after Christmas

            New Years Eve

            New Years Day

            Good Friday

            Memorial Day

            Fourth of July

We reserve the right to close other days around the Christmas and New Years holidays depending on where Christmas and New Years fall in the calendar. If closings are planned, that information will be found on the school year calendars that are provided on your website.

Financial:  Childcare Children

1.  Tuition for childcare is due every two weeks, in advance.

2.  Payment is to be made by check or money order made payable to Holy Cross Preschool or Holy Cross Kindergarten.

3.  You will be required to pay for lunch any day your child is scheduled to attend if you fail to call by 8:45 to inform us of his/her absence.

4.  If your child is picked up early on any given day, you will still pay for the entire day.  Tuition is not discounted for early pick-ups.

5. Tuition is due only for days your child attends except in the following situation. Questionnaires are sent home prior to holidays to get an accurate count of how many children we can expect. The purpose is to let us know how many staff persons to schedule to maintain the proper child/staff ratio. If you indicate on the form that your child will be here, you will be required to pay even if your child does not attend that day for any reason including illness.

6. We close promptly at 6:00. Children must be out the door by that time.  A late pick-up fee of $5.00 will be charged at 6:01. An additional $1.00 will be charged for every minute children are here starting at 6:06 PM.  

Snacks and Birthday Treats

Parents will be asked to provide a snack for the morning and afternoon school sessions several times during the year.  We provide 100% fruit juice for snack every day.  A snack schedule will be published with your child’s classroom newsletter each month.  Suggestions for a healthy snack include crackers, fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc.  If you forget to bring in the snack on your assigned day, please bring in a box of crackers the next day.  This will be placed on our snack shelf to be used when another parent forgets.  The afternoon snack for childcare children will be provided by the center.  If a child in our program has a food allergy, that will be posted on the snack calendar for that classroom.

Parent/Teacher Conferences and Progress Reports

We encourage parents to call the school any time there is a question or concern.  Our teachers are happy to talk to you at any time about your child's progress or needs.  Daily communication is encouraged at arrival and departure time.

Progress reports are sent home in January and May for preschool children.  Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled the end of January.

Disciplinary Policy

Discipline is not punishment. It is the process of teaching children self-control and self-discipline. Our aim is to help the children learn what social acceptable behaviors are and how they will help the children in school and in all the years to come.

It is our policy to discipline children in a loving and gentle way.  Care is given at all times to preserve, or work on improving, the child's self-image and further the development of his/her self-esteem.  A positive approach is employed in the classroom with good behavior being complemented and encouraged. All children are treated with the respect, tenderness, and good humor they are due as a child of God. Since all children are different, disciplinary procedures are handled on an individual basis.

Physical punishment is not considered to be an acceptable method of dealing with young children’s behavior. While parents are in our building they must follow our disciplinary policies with their children.  Hitting or screaming at your children is not permitted in our building.  This policy is stated here in accord with state regulations.

Indoor and Outdoor Active Play

Outdoor play is included in our program on a daily basis—weather permitting. Please send your children with the proper clothing so they may be comfortable and safe whenever we are outside.

Children will not be taken outside when the temperature (wind chill and heat index factored in) drop below 20 degrees or rise above 90 degrees. Also taken into consideration is the humidity, ozone levels, pollen count, lightening, rain or ice. If it is not nice enough to go outside, the children will play in our indoor play space during their active-play time.  On days that outdoor play is not provided due to these conditions, we will include a time for indoor gross motor activities.

Our playground meets all of the safety standards established for play equipment for young children. It is surrounded by a fence for their safety and protection.

Parent Visitation

Parents and members of the extended family may visit in the classroom any time.  If your purpose is to see your child in action, remember that children never act the same when parents are in the room as they do when parents are not present.

Medication Policy

Medication, food supplements, modified diets, or fluoride supplements may be administered to children under the following ODJFS guidelines:

Instructions to administer such items are written, signed and dated by a licensed physician and are prescribed for a specific child.    The label on the prescription which contains complete instructions for each medication, the child's name, current date (within the last six months), an exact dosage to be given, the specific number of dosages  to  be  given  daily  and  the  route of administration can be used as written instruction.  In addition, the parent or guardian must sign a form the state prescribes which will be provided by center staff.  We cannot administer medication if it has been removed from the original container.  Medications will be stored in a designated area inaccessible to children. Medications may NOT be stored in a child’s cubbie or bookbag.

Non prescription fever-reducing medications that do not contain aspirin, or non-prescription cough or cold medications that do not contain codeine may be administered with written instructions from the parent or guardian on the prescribed form that will be provided by the center.  The medication must be in its original container with the label intact.  The full name of the child who is to receive the medication must be printed on the container.  Exact dosages must be clearly stated on the label.  No dosages will be given that exceed those recommended on the label.  If a parent requests any different dosages or uses, a physician must provide written instructions on the Request for Mediation Form. Non-prescription medications may be administered for no longer than three consecutive days without instructions from the child’s physician.

First Aid/Communicable Disease Policy and Procedure

All staff members of Holy Cross are required to be trained in first aid, communicable disease recognition, and CPR. The administrator has reviewed with all staff members the signs and symptoms of illness and proper hand washing and disinfection procedures.   No staff member shall attend the school if he/she exhibits signs of communicable disease.  The administrator reserves the right to request a physician's note for a staff member to return to work.

Notices will be posted on the bulletin outside the classroom when children have been exposed to a communicable disease other than routine colds or flu. A Communicable Disease Chart is posted in the main hallway.

Parents are asked not to bring children to school when there are any signs or symptoms of illness present.  We do not provide care for sick children.  Staff members will observe children upon arrival and during the school day. Parents or guardians will be notified if a child has been observed with any of the signs or symptoms listed below.  The child may be readmitted when symptoms have disappeared.  The administrator reserves the right to request a physician's note.

The parent or guardian will be notified and asked to remove the child from the school as soon as possible if the following symptoms are exhibited. The sick child may be provided with a cot and blanket until he/she is discharged to the parent.

1. Diarrhea (more than 1 time)

2. Severe coughing causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound

3. Difficult or rapid breathing

4. Yellowish skin or eyes

5. Redness of the eye, obvious discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching

6. Temperature of at least one hundred degrees Fahrenheit when in combination with any other sign or symptom of illness

7. Untreated infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes

8. Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool

9. Stiff neck with elevated temperature

10. Vomiting more than one time or when accompanied by any other sign or symptom of illness.

11. Evidence of untreated lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestations

12. Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing.

In case of emergency and/or accident the center will follow the posted medical and dental emergency plan, administer first aid, summon emergency transportation, contact the parent, and complete an incident report.

Incident/Injury Reports

Accidents happen with children and are to be expected.  Children are uncoordinated, they don’t always look where they are going, they do reckless things, and do not always display good judgment. We take ever precaution we can to see that your children do not get hurt at school.  However, when it does happen, an incident report is filled out to keep you informed.

Incident/injury reports are filled out for the following:

1. An illness, accident, or injury occurs which requires first aid treatment.

2. A bump or blow to the head.

3. Emergency transporting.

4. An unusual or unexpected event which jeopardizes the safety of the children or staff.

The completed report shall be presented to the parent, guardian, or person picking up the child for a signature on the day of the incident/injury.   In situations requiring emergency transportation, the incident/injury report shall be available at the center for the parent or guardian within twenty-four hours following the incident/injury.  The person signing the form is then given a copy of the form.  Another copy is retained for our files.

Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy

Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten, and Child Care Center adopted the following racial and nondiscriminatory policies.

Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center recruits and admits students of any race, color, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities.  In addition, the school will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies or programs.  

Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in the hiring of its certified or non-certified personnel.