History of Holy Cross School

Preschool, Kindergarten, & Child Care

As homes continued to spring up in the area around Holy Cross Lutheran Church, the members felt God's calling to better use the facilities to reach out to the community. A congregational meeting was held in the fall of 1993. The church members came to the realization that there were many small children living in the area around Holy Cross. The consensus of opinion was to start a preschool. That idea was researched, and Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care was born in the Spring of 1994.  

The Preschool opened in September with 25 children.  There were two classes: one for 3-year-old children and one for 4-year-old children.  All-day child care, before and after preschool, was and continues to be provided as needed.   Positive feedback from the community made this a very successful year.  The school grew as people talked to their friends and relatives about the wonderful things happening in the school.

In September of 1995 the Pre-Kindergarten class was added. This class was specifically designed for old four-year-old and young five-year-old children. The school continued to grow by word of mouth.  Our reputation in the community was very good and people were beginning to recognize the quality of the education their children were receiving. 

By September of 1997, there were so many 4-year-old children that an afternoon class was added. Parents started asking for us to expand our program to include a two-year-old class and a Kindergarten class.  But, we were out of space. In order for that to happen, new rooms would have to be built.

At about that same time, the growing congregation of Holy Cross was feeling the lack of space. More classroom space was needed for the Sunday School and other rooms were needed for the adult ministry. With the growing staff, additional office space was also needed. A building program was started that would add three classrooms and three offices to the north end of the building. It also included the two new classrooms the school needed on the west side of the facility.  One of those new classrooms became the two-year-old room in 1998.  The second room made it possible for the Kindergarten class to be added in 1999. Our kindergarten is state chartered by the Ohio Department of Education. It meets all of their requirements in curriculum and staff qualifications. 

Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten, & Child Care continues to be a successful program, year after year. The staff is highly qualified and highly motivated. They enjoy working with children and being in service to our Lord, Jesus Christ. The school continues to grow in the best way possible--by word of mouth.

When Ohio first introduced the Step Up to Quality program, Holy Cross was asked to take part in the pilot program before Step Up was rolled out state wide. We have held a rating in that program from the very beginning. On December 1, 2014 Holy Cross was awarded a 5 Star rating in Step Up to Quality for both our preschool and kindergarten. This is the highest rating a program can recieve. It shows that we meet all the basic state standards and have earned additional points for items that prove excellence. This rating is good for 3 years. To find out more about the Step Up to Quality program visit their website: http://jfs.ohio.docs/fivestarfactsheet.stm.

The above facts provide only the skeleton of our program.  The flesh and blood, however, is the living fruit that is being produced by the work of the Holy Spirit.  More and more preschool and kindergarten families are coming to church, joining and becoming active members.  Other parents and children are making a commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in their home congregations.  There is great joy in the ministry of our Lord.  That joy permeates everything we do and makes Holy Cross Preschool, Kindergarten, and Child Care a wonderful place for children to grow and learn.  God be praised!!