Children's Sunday School

You will notice it is important to us that our kids learn the fundamentals of faith, God's Word, and prayers. It is our hope that this strong foundation will allow them to participate in worship, during prayers, and have a firm grasp of the Bible by the time they leave Elementary School and start preparing for Confirmation in Jr. Youth.


We ask that parents walk their children to the classroom and always come to pick up their children. This gives us security, in knowing your child is safely in your care.  Upon your first Sunday we will ask that you fill out a registration form so we can have contact information, medical history and other important information on your child. Your child may enroll in our program on any given Sunday! Parents are not permitted to leave the building while your child is in Sunday School. We ask that you also attend one of our many Adult Bible Study options.  This allows us to locate you quickly if an illness or injury occurs.

Our lessons each week include a take home leaflet with family activities. This will allow you, as a family, to continue learning about the lesson in your devotion time. It is important to us that you are plugged in to the message your children learn each week! This will allow you to know where the focus was so you can review together.

Overview of our classes

Our teachers teach on a two week rotation, allowing there to be consistency for our children, as well as allowing our teachers to be in Adult Bible study as well.  

Preschool - This class is for children who are 3 years of age by October 1st of that school year. We ask that these children be potty trained.  This class begins with free play, and moves to table time where the children color and use a developmentally appropriate leaflet to introduce the lesson.  The children have circle time where the Bible story is read to them and return to their seats to a simple project to reinforce the lesson. Each class time opens and closes with a repetitive prayer.  This class follows the Early Childhood edition in our lesson.

The 4-year-old/Pre-Kindergarten class is geared for children aged 4 and 5. This class also follows the Early Childhood edition of the lesson, but begins to focus the children more. You will start to see some writing in this class and more details explanations of the Bible story. The children enter and begin working on their leaflet as an introduction to the lesson. They also have circle time where the Bible story is read to them and they do interactive projects to make the story come to life. 

The Kindergarten/1st Grade class uses our Lower Grade edition specially designed for K/1st graders. It offers our young readers a chance to start following along in the Bible story and has activities to reinforce the lesson. These children can also begin saying the Lord's prayer!

2nd grade class is a huge year. In second grade our kids receive an Adventure Bible. They are required to bring this Bible to class each week.  If you are a visitor- don't worry we have extras and when you decide to visit regularly we will give your child their own copy as well! We want our kids to know how to look up, reference, to know the Books of the Bible, to highlight, underline and make this Bible their own! They are combined with the 3rd Grade class. The class uses our Middle Grade edition of Growing in Christ and is exploring the historical background to many of their Bible stories.

4th /5th grade is a well oiled machine! By the time our kids get to this class, they know the Lord's Prayer, they can use their Bible confidently and are ready to be introduced into Luther's Small Catechism.  These kids begin learning the Creeds, the meaning of the The Lord's prayer, as well as learning the weekly lesson with their student leaflet as well as a Bible handbook.  This group of kids uses our Upper Grades edition, developmentally written for our oldest group of pre-teens.

Yes, we are Bible based and it is evident by our strong curriculum. However DO NOT be intimidated if your child is older and has missed some grades of Christian Education. It is NEVER too late to begin learning God's Word and our lessons, and teachers are equipped to have new children each week. God's Word is meant to be shared and there is always a seat waiting for your child in our class.


10:00- 10:45

Preschool (3 and early 4s): C-7
Preschool (4 before Oct. 1 & 5s): C-8
K/1st: C-1
2nd/3rd: M-5
4th/5th: M-4
6th-8th: Youth House
9th-12th: Youth House

For Preschool-5th grade we use Concordia Publishing House Growing in Christ as our curriculum. This is Bible based material that follows a liturgical calendar. These classes are developmentally appropriate with a primary focus on education of God's Word, introduction to Lutherans Small Catechism, and prayer.

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