Our nursery is available to all children from birth through the age of three.  We view this Nursery as a special place at Holy Cross. The babies and toddlers have a special place in our hearts, and we want this experience to be warm and welcoming! This is their first introduction to church, and our Nursery Staff wants to be formative in the early development of their faith.


Shirley is a long time member of Holy Cross and worships at our first service.  She is a former Sunday School teacher, has years of experience in child care and working in a church nursery, and has a caring heart that our children love!  Shirley provides care on Sundays, Wednesdays, and for other classes throughout the year.

Palette is a member of St. Paul Catholic Church, where she and her husband worship on Saturday evenings.  She has years of experience with in-home child care and is excited to play with our children and create lasting connections.  Palette provides care on Sunday mornings, Wednesdays and during various classes throughout the year.

We also have four qualified nursery substitutes to fill in when needed.


Our nursery is equipped with a monitoring device.  After you sign your child in, you will take a hand-held pager with you.  This will allow the care givers to reach you, if needed.  All of our doors in the Nursery have an alarm system that will sound when the doors are opened. 

What to bring?

We ask that you leave a diaper bag on the counter as you enter.  This bag should include, diapers, wipes, bottles, sippy cups and other items your child may need during their stay.  We ask that you label all of your items with your child's first name.

First Experience

During your child's first visit with us, please stay for a moment and talk with the staff.  Feel free to sit down and introduce your child and allow them time to gain familiarity with your comforting presence.  Allow the staff to get on their level and give your child time to get to know them.  Please inform the staff of your child's development, favorite toys, and the way your child best responds to comfort.

Diapering and Potty Training

There is a bathroom located in our Nursery and all sinks and potties are perfectly sized for their little needs!  Our staff is more than willing to assist your child in these endeavors!

Nursing Mothers

Nursing mothers have two options: the ladies' restroom, located in the B hallway, has a nursing area with a changing table and rocking chair.  There is a speaker in this area, so you can hear the worship service while nursing your child.  There is also a rocking chair in the nursery for your use.

Diaper Changing Station

There are three changing stations.  One is located in the handicapped bathroom across from the church office.  This may also be used as a family restroom, to assist younger children.  The other two are located in the women's restrooms in the B hallway and off the Cafe in the north wing.