Curriculum and Program


The Preschool & Kindergarten were recently awarded a 5 Star Rating in Ohio's Step Up to Quality program. The Preschool classes use Creative Curriculum as the blueprint for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. Our program is literacy based and follows the guidelines published in the Early Learning Content Standards put out by the Ohio Department of Education. The use of a teacher-generated curriculum allows us to pursue children's interests in planning what we do from day to day. Using the wealth of exceptional children's literature that is available, the teachers plan their lessons carefully with particular developmental objectives in mind. Our curriculum includes English language arts, music, arts and crafts, science, health, mathematics, physical education, and social studies. All of this is achieved by experiential, hands-on activities: the way children learn. Social interaction is encouraged to help the children learn how to get along with others and learn social skills.

The school curriculum for all classes includes:

  • Religion
  • Experimental Science
  • Large and Fine Motor Development
  • Music
  • Language Arts
  • Math Concepts
  • Social Science Concepts
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Creative Cooking


We recognize that children have a variety of needs and are only able to learn when their basic needs are met. At Holy Cross we strive to meet every individual child's basic needs in a warm loving environment. Each child will be recognized for the individual he/she is and afforded the dignity he/she deserves.

We offer a variety of educational experiences geared specifically for the developmental level of 2, 3, 4, 5-year-old, and Kindergarten children. We provide experiences in language arts, number recognition and counting, science, social studies, religion, music and rhythm, fine and large motor development, crafts, art and manipulatives. Attendance at Holy Cross is not limited to children of members of Holy Cross Church. All children are welcome.

Every preschool class schedule includes the following elements every day:

† Circle Time: Includes a variety of activities including, but not exclusive to the following: calendar, weather, books & stories, songs and finger plays,  and exploration of rhythm instruments.

† Center/Project Time: Teacher planned activities are carried out during this time. Our teachers plan their activities carefully with educational outcomes in mind. We believe there are some things children this age need to learn in order to do well in school. Ours is not a program devoted to random play where learning may or may not take place.
† Active Play Time: Every schedule includes 15 minutes of active play time, either in the indoor play space or outside on the playground.  See our outside play policy listed under "Indoor and Outdoor Active Play." Also read the section titled "Attire" on the Policies & Procedures page for more information.
† Snack Time: Snack time is one of the children's favorite parts of the day. See the section entitled "Snacks and Birthday Treats" on our Policies & Procedures page for our snack time policies.

† Show and Tell: Show and Tell is a very important part of the preschool day. It gives the children experience talking in front of their peers. Show and Tell gives each child the opportunity to be in the "spot light." Through show and tell the children learn to focus their thoughts on what they have brought from home and develop their vocabulary as they use adjectives to describe the item they brought.  The children listening also benefit as they acquire the social skill of listening. See the section entitled "Show and Tell" on our Policies & Procedures page for our policies on this topic.

† Bible Time and Chapel: The teachers lead the children in a Bible Time every day during which we teach simple Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Chapel is led by a member of the pastoral, church, or school staff in the sanctuary on Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 for the morning sessions and 12:40 for the afternoon sessions. Parents are welcome to attend.
† Time for Socialization: This is crucial to the healthy development of children. This takes place during all of the activities listed above.

Specific times and schedules vary from class to class. The daily schedule of activities are posted on the wall in each of the classrooms and is available in writing upon request. For those children enrolled in our program for child care, the afternoon begins with lunch at 11:40 followed by a story time, nap/rest time and active play. See "Daily Schedule" on our Policies & Procedures page for more information.