Junior Youth

7-8th Grade Confirmation


Grades 7-8

We meet in the great room of the Youth House on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. during the school year as part of Holy Cross University's Wednesday Family Night.

What to Bring

Lessons are provided in a binder, along with Luther's Small Catechism and a Concordia Self Study Bible.  These supplies are to be brought to class each week.

Info for Parents

Family Covenant ~ Holy Cross Youth Confirmation
“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  (Ephesians 6:4)  Research continues to show us that God knew what He was talking about when He commanded parents (fathers in particular) to oversee the Christian Education of their own children.  You are far and away the greatest influence on your child’s spiritual development - or the lack thereof.  The most the church can reasonably hope to do is support and affirm what you’re modeling for your child in your home. Your child needs you to:

1. Bring him/her to Sunday worship very regularly.  You are your child’s model.  S/he will do what you show is important enough for you to do.

2. Help him/her with their confirmation work.  You might consider taking the Living Discipleship Class that is also offered Wednesday evenings as part of HCU!  It’s the same material we use with the students, except taught on an adult level and at an accelerated speed.

 3. Learn memory work with him/her to ensure that s/he is prepared for class.  Sign form stating that s/he has adequately memorized material.  Please follow the schedule!

NECESSARY MATERIALS - $45.00 (due in October)

Fee covers -> Bible - Catechism and Student Guides  ­– cost associated with Confirmation.


TESTS – Periodically given as scheduled.  Tests will be almost entirely fill-in the blank and short answer.  There will occasionally be a few true/false questions.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS – Thinking It Over - Review with your child what is to be reviewed in the next class gathering.                       

Sermon Notes – At least ten sermon notes are required per year per student. 

   - Blank notes are in marked mailbox in north hallway beside the office entry door.

   - May turn all 10 completed to Lorin Zuppe.

 Acolyting – during Sunday and seasonal midweek (Wednesday) worship services

- Training will occur on the Wednesday before their scheduled service or in a large group scheduled training day TBA.

- Having your child here, and on time – 10 minutes before worship is to begin, is expected and will help to teach them responsibility. 

- Your child is responsible for securing a substitute if s/he cannot be here when scheduled.

 Service Projects – one hour per month

   - Acolyting three times is equivalent to one service hour.

   - Service Project Sheets are in marked mail box.

   - Other service opportunities are listed (nursery, MOPS, Car Show, A Night in Bethlehem, etc.)

 Confirmation Vows  -  Why are we doing what we do?  Because…

     - your child will be promising God that s/he will “continue steadfast in this confession and church, and to suffer all, even death, rather than fall away from it.”

    - s/he will confess that s/he “intend faithfully to conform all my life to the divine Word, to be faithful in the use of God’s Word and Sacraments, which are His means of grace, and in faith, word, and action to remain true to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even to death.”

These vows must be put into practice before they can honestly be promised.  Rarely is it that a child begins to do these things after confirmation without having been practicing them beforehand.  Therefore, no child will be confirmed who has not been worshiping at least 60% of the time throughout the year, regardless of their academic performance.

Consider the commitment your child makes to sports, music, clubs, etc… Confirmation instruction will last beyond this lifetime when all else fades away!


 We teach that the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace.  Your child will be allowed to begin communing when…

      - s/he has completed the early communion class usually offered on the 2nd and 3rd consecutive Saturdays in October from 9-11 a.m.  Sign up on youth bulletin board.

     - s/he has had a personal interview/discussion with Pastor Kip, Pastor Ralph, or Lorin Zuppe.
     - you, your child and all others involved agree that s/he is ready to commune.

If completion of Confirmation Instruction does not occur, the child will need to complete a Living Discipleship course to become a communicant member of Holy Cross.

 Where You Can Help?

Because of the general craziness we experience during confirmation, we could use your help…

     - as a Small Group Guide on Rotation.  There is a time when we divide into small groups led by an adult to share - Sign-up sheet on youth bulletin board

     - highs and lows, engage in activity based on the lesson and join in prayer

     - by your donating snacks - Sign-up sheet on youth bulletin board

     - in planningfor youth events, especially  for the Jr. Youth Gathering that occurs on the second weekend of March

     - and, of course, by your faithful prayers for your child, his/her spiritual growth and the entire confirmation program

                          ~                  ~                  ~                  ~                  ~                 


 *  Please no personal cell phone or I-pod use during class times!  We reserve the right to confiscate these if they prove to be a distraction to class.  Bible apps are allowed.

*  Please discuss appropriate behavior with your child on a regular basis.  If it is not allowed in school, it is not allowed during Confirmation class.

  • Ask him or her about what they have learned.


Usually the 3rd Saturday evening in May - Eighth Grade public testimony of faith andFamily Celebration with reception

The 3rd Sunday morning in May worship service TBA - Eighth Grade Rite of Confirmation

I have read and agree to the above Confirmation information and will do all I can to support my child’s growing in his/her faith during the confirmation program and beyond as is God’s Will.



Parent Signature                                                                                  Date

Sunday Morning Bible study 10-10:45 a.m. at the Youth House

6-8th graders meet in the Youth House to learn more about how to live as a Christian in their world!  Enjoy some games and hands on activities as you learn, and you get a cooked breakfast too!


Youth Nites-at least once a month throughout the year.  Come for some serious fun!
Ohio District Junior Youth Gathering every Spring
Cedar Point
Annual Christmas Party

Serving Opportunities

Children's Easter party
Vacation Bible school helpers
Car Show
A Night in Bethlehem



Jr. Youth Group

Open to all 7-8th graders and friends who want to learn more about their Lutheran Faith and confirm it publicly in the 8th grade Rite of Confirmation!

Join us for fun and faith!  Adult volunteers who love to be as wacky as possible are also more than welcome!



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