Young Adult-CRU

Mission Statement

HC Young Adult Ministry strives to provide a gathering place, online and in person, for young adults where Christ is proclaimed, God’s Word is applied, prayers are offered, relationships are strengthened, and faith is lived out as we grow as Christ’s disciples. We want to have this ministry available both to our local college students, as well as those who go away to school.  We are able to participate in Cru's City-Wide events (bi-monthly in Cleveland), fall and spring weekend retreats (Camp Burton), Winter Conference (annually over Christmas break in Indianapolis, IN-their biggest event of the year), mission trips over spring break and summer (Ocean City, Chicago, Croatia), as well as other fun fellowship events! On campus at Stark State, in addition to weekly Bible study, our local college students have the opportunity for ministry and outreach-serving fellow students, college staff, building relationships, and sharing their faith!

We meet every Sunday at 10am at Holy Cross in room M-3.

Group Expectations

Our small groups strive to provide the following:

  • A Bible-based community where Christ is the center and proclaimed as both Savior and Lord.
  • A prayer-filled community where members are supported through the joys and trials of life
  • A faithful community which gathers around its’ members shared faith in Christ
  • An intentional community where God’s Word is not simply learned, but lived
  • A safe community in which members can share the journey of faith
  • An accepting community that realizes that each of us is a fallen person whose value is found in Christ’s love
  • A honest community which speaks the truth in love, correcting where necessary but always caring for the spiritual well-being on its members



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