Host/Mentor/Caring for People

Greet People As They Arrive for Worship

There are two welcome centers in the church that need staffed on Sunday mornings so guests and visitors know where to go when they arrive. It is also nice to have people greet our worshippers as they enter. If you are a friendly person who likes to say "hello" the greeter ministry would love to have you.

Small Group Facilitator/Host

Small groups form at various times for various reasons. Facilitators (those who move conversation along) and hosts (those who offer up their homes) are needed to make these groups a success.

Transport Those In Need

Members will need transported at various times for a multitude of reasons(doctor's appointments, church, etc.). It is nice to have someone available to help out.

Call Inactive Members to Encourage them to Return

Inactive members need to be called to see how they are doing. A caller will check in on them, see what is happening in their lives, and encourage them to return to worship.

Visit Shut-Ins

Some members are unable to attend church because of health or physical reasons. We need people to visit them and see how they are doing.

Become a Stephen Minister

Stephen Ministers meet one-on-one with people who are going through a tough time and need an encouraging/listening ear to turn to. Training is provided. Visit their page for more information.

Young at Heart

Those who are 65 and over meet once a month to socialize and do fun activities. They also do occasional projects to help other people.

Make Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

Volunteers are needed to cut plastic bags into strips, then crochet them into a mat. It takes 70 hours to make one mat. They are given to the homeless in downtown Canton.

Interested? Let us know.