Manual Labor (Light)

Church Maintenance

General church repairs, replace bathroom fixtures when needed, spread mulch around the church and youth house beds, changing light bulbs, and much more. They meet Thursdays at 9am.

Set Up/Tear Down

Many church events require set up and tear down help. Some examples include:

  • Vacation Bible School - Sometimes extensive sets are used to fit with the given theme. Help is needed the Sunday before VBS and the Saturday afterwards.
  • Receptions/Sporting Events - The chairs in the North Sanctuary require stacking and storing before events in the room. Sometimes tables need to be set up after the chairs are removed. Then, the room needs cleaned and chairs need to be put back out afterwards.
  • Night In Bethlehem - It takes a team of people many days to make the church look like Bethlehem in Roman days. Sets need constructed, rooms need prepped, and hallways need decorated. Then it all needs deconstructed and put away afterwards.

Light Lawn Care

Some church members are unable to mow their lawns or rake leaves for various reasons. People willing to mow lawns or rake leaves are needed.

Water Flowers

Annuals are planted every summer around the church. They need watered regularly to stay vibrant and healthy.

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