Cooking/Serving Food

Cooking for Funeral Luncheons, ALPHA, Thanksgiving, McGregor Egg-in-a-hole

  • Funeral luncheons are provided for families after a funeral and are served at church. Food is needed and servers/helpers are needed to set up and clean up afterwards.
  • ALPHA meets at the church on occasion to reach out to the unchurched and needs people to make dishes for their weekly meetings.
  • Every Thanksgiving members provide parts of the meal and we bless many families at McGregor and Rising Hope with a full Thanksgiving dinner that they otherwise would not have had.
  • Once a month, members go down to McGregor Elementary to cook Egg-in-a-hole for students.

Serve Food/Keep Tables Stocked for Receptions/Parties

  • The Preschool holds a Christmas Program once a year and a Kindergarten Graduation once a year. Help is needed to set out refreshments, keep the tables stocked, and clean up afterwards.
  • Other church events may occur (congregation picnics or pot-luck dinners) where this kind of help is needed, as well.

Sunday Morning Hospitality

The Cafe is open every Sunday morning to offer refreshments. Help is needed to set out food, make coffee, and clean up afterwards.

Friendly Hands Ministry

Help is needed to provide meals when the primary provider of meals is unable to, due to injury, hospitalization, illness, new baby, or any other situation.

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