Teaching/Caring for Children

Nursery Helpers

Two professional caregivers attend the infants and toddlers in our nursery during each Sunday morning worship service and on Wednesday nights. Substitutes are needed on occasion when our paid staff cannot be here. (Subs are paid.) Men, women, youth and families can serve.

Harvest Party Helpers (Preschool)

Extra helpers are needed in the fall to aid the preschoolers with the Harvest party games.

Link Group

The Link Group helps bridge the gap between the church and te preschool. They plan gifts, clean toys, help set up cookies/punch at receptions, and run games at the harvest party. 

Children's Teachers

Teachers are needed on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for children of all ages (3 year old through high school). Regular teachers take a break during the summer, so summer subs are needed, too.

Vacation Bible School

During Vacation Bible School every summer, helpers are needed to teach the children a Bible lesson, give snack, play games, lead children around to their activity areas, do a craft, sing and dance, and so much more!

Adult Education

Teachers or group leaders are needed to lead adult instruction classes on Wednesday evenings. Occasionally, a sub is needed to fill in for a Pastor on Wednesday mornings, Thursday mornings, or Sunday mornings. 

Extra-curricular Activity Helpers

Events such as Girls of Grace Jr (4th-6th Grade girls), Team Titus (2nd-6th Grade boys), lock-ins for Jr/Sr Youth, and other various activities are planned for our children and youth. Volunteers are always welcome to plan or aid at such events.

Children's Message

During the 8:45 and 11:00 am worship services a children's message is presented. Volunteers are needed to prepare and give a short children's message every Sunday.

Interested? Let us know.