About Us

North Canton Meals on Wheels is an independent, non-profit organization which does not receive government assistance or affiliate itself with any organization. All revenue is derived from the sale of meals and donations received. Staffed with only two part-time, paid employees, the organization relies on donations and volunteer services to make the community meal service possible.


Brief History of North Canton Meals on Wheels

In May 1973 a committee was formed, let by Reverend Harris Paulson to meet the challenge of providing meals to homebound seniors in the the North Canton area. Canton's Westbrook Park Meals on Wheels had been in operation for about a year and was serving several people in North Canton.

By November 1973 plans were in place to begin delivering meals on January 7, 1974. Lorraine Gibbs, a long-time volunteer, shared her memories of those early days:

"Hot meals were supplied by a vending service...cold meals were to be prepared at the 'Y' kitchen.
The Coordinator worked out of a supply closet!
We soon found the hot meals unsatisfactory & realized the need for a cook.
We had to share the kitchen with other groups at the 'Y' and that made for further problems. Soon we would need a new location!
While we sought a new kitchen, we had the downtown 'Y' prepare the hot meals for us. What a hectic time that was!! When the volunteers brought the hot meals up to the North Canton 'Y' we had to repack them in our coolers and add the cold supper meal. We may times did all this on the steps of the 'Y' so as to save time. This was April '74."

In November of 1974 North Canton Meals on Wheels moved into Holy Cross Lutheran Church which has been our location ever since.

There are still challenges and blessings ahead for us. We're looking forward to many more years as we continue to meet the needs of the elderly and others in our community.



Office Hours:

M-F, 9am-12pm