Holy Cross University

Holy Cross University is a time for families to grow spiritually by attending classes. It is for all ages. Below are the class details.

Lent Interim - February14-March 21

Kid's Choir, 6-6:25pm

Classes for all ages, 6:30-7:30pm
-Preschool/Kindergarten, C-7
-1st-3rd Grade, B-9
-4th-6th Grade, Cafe
-Confirmation (7th & 8th Grade) and High School, Youth House
-Adult Class - Head to Heart - We recently hosted a great workshop called iNeigborhood in which we obtained a lot of great information, but knowing can only get us so far. We must be moved to action in our hearts, our very core. To that end, Pastor Emil will be leading a class which digs deeper into the Lenten themes while pulling in ideas from the workshop.


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