A Night in Bethlehem

December 14 & 15, 2019

Tours begin every 10 minutes from 3:00-7:00pm.

A FREE walk-through depicting what it would have been like to be a visitor in Bethlehem during the time of Jesus' birth.

You will be greeted by the cencus-takers and lectured by the Roman guard as you make your journey into the city. The inn-keepers will tell you that there are no available rooms. The tax collectors will collect your coin (given to you upon entrance to the city). You will be able to hear from the shepherds and Jewish leaders as they talk of strange sightings in the sky. The prophet will remind everyone of the prophesies. The market place is full of interactive shops where you can taste, touch, make, play, and see all sorts of things.

And THEN..... you will stuble upon a quiet scene where a baby has just been born--in a stable, yet a King!

And before you exit you will be able to see and touch the stable animals.

Please join us for a great event.


Holy Cross Lutheran Church is pleased to welcome the community to 'A Night in Bethlehem."
Come and experience the sights, sounds and smells of this free, interactive event for all ages.

visit our Bethlehem market vendors,

(Little travelers will be able to play with period-specific toys, taste food, and make projects!)
be a part of a first century census,
experience the sights of a Jewish city, including Roman soldiers, beggars, and tax collectors,
listen to the shepherd's story,
hear what the Rabbis have to say after consulting the ancient texts,
hear the prophet foretell the amazing arrival of the special baby Jesus,
go see Him for yourself,
touch live animals,
maybe buy a camel,
and more!


This is a FREE, interactive walk-through. It should take about 45 to 60 minutes once you start your tour. (Tour start times begin every few minutes, and wait times depend upon the number of people in the building.)

There should not be any waiting outside. Books and coloring activities area available for children while you are waiting for your turn to enter Bethlehem.

Come see what we have in store!