Holy Cross University

Holy Cross University is a time for families to grow spiritually by attending classes. It is for all ages. Below is the link to the class details.

Fall 2014

Special Adult classes

Science and Biblical Faith with Vicar Mark
Sometimes it seems as though science and Biblical faith are at odds with each other. How can one possibly reconcile the two? Find out as we address two main areas of controversy or concern for Christians: 1) evolution and 2) the applications of advances in genetic science (cloning, gene therapy, human embryo research, made-to-order babies, in vitro fertilization, etc.)

The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren
The Daniel Plan is not a diet. It is a plan for healthy eating (Romans 12:1) with 5 essential components: Faith, Food, Fitness, Friends and Focus. If you were part of the summer group, feel free to come back and continue the discussion. The cost is $20.00 for Study Guide and Hardbound book.

The Gospel of Matthew Bible study with Pastor Kip in the South Sanctuary (parallels Thursday morning Bible class)

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